Porsche Interiors Repairs & Auto Restorations

Auto interior repair and Classic car restorationIf you bring your car into our shop, our in-house team of professional can install any of our products. For pricing on in-house installs, take a look at the pricing below, or please give us a call or email us.
Targa Top rebuilding and recovering
Send us your Targa roof for professional recovering, realigning, and rebuilding. We strip the outer skin, headliner, the padding, burlap inner covering, and the edge reinforcing along the front and rear edges. All new material is installed bringing your top back to its original shape. We can also repair or replace latches, recover and repaint the folding arms, rain gutters, etc. These additional repairs are done on a time and material basis. When completed your top will be returned in its open opposition in one of our custom shipping boxes.
356 Cabriolet Top Renovations
On our exclusive fitting fixture we can restore your late ‘57-65 Porsche Cabriolet top back to its original condition. We place your convertible top frame on our fixture and replace the top (using Haartz Sonnendeck), headliner (German herringbone fabric), and top padding.
Early Cabriolet
1957-65 Cabriolet
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356 Speedster
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1967-68 Targa
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